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Czech Out Saint Wenceslaus

The Czech Out book series tells stories about everything and everyone Czech, from Bohemian landmarks to notable figures. In this specific edition, we are looking at Saint Wenceslaus. St. Wenceslaus (also known as Wenceslaus I, Wenceslas I, or Václav the Good) was born near Prague, and was the son of Duke Wratislaw. He was taught Christianity by his grandmother, St. Ludmila. He was the duke of Bohemia from 921 until his assassination in 935. His rule was marked by efforts toward unification within Bohemia, support of the Church, and peace-making negotiations. This collection engages, entertains, and educates readers about the rich and fascinating history of the Czech Republic. Each book in the Czech Out series is loaded with fun illustrations and facts which will take young and old readers alike along on real journeys and inspire them to learn more about one of the most extraordinary places on earth: The Czech Republic!