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Stop Spending Money on Advertising and Media When You Can Get Them to Come To You through Our Strategic Solution

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Leverage, Authority, Reach and Credence in 3 Easy Steps

Simply the best thing you can do for your Business

Instant Credibility

Why are you above the crowd? Simple. You are the one who wrote the book on it.

Access to the Media

Before you paid for ad space, now you are the welcomed interviewee and guest expert.

Sell without Selling

As an author, you're the trusted source and expert. Clients want and come to you.

Saving Money

on your Advertising & Marketing

Right now you are paying to be seen and heard, chasing the media and wondering why your ad budget keeps rising as leads keep falling. With this strategy the oppostite happens. Image no longer having to pay for ads and instead, having the media want and chase you. You'll have the credibility, credence and leverage to have the Media - Newspapers, Magazines, TV, Radio, Telesummit - want you!

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Strong Influence

on your Clients & Customers

Anyone can take an ad in the local paper, get a website or rent space on a billboard. But how many of your competitors can say they are an author, and a bestselling author to boot? This is what seperates you from the rest and makes you the "go-to" person in your field. Gain instant respect from customers and clients who see you as the person they read about, the person they know, like and trust and the expert - because you wrote the book on it!

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Publicity Opportunities

Media Attention and Mention for Free

Reporters love to interview, quote and feature published authors. By having your own book you are able to open the door to publicity opportunities. What is great about being featured by a media source is that it gives you instant credibility and best of all, it's FREE.  You never have to pay to be seen again - now they want to see and hear from you.

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Our book ghostwriting service makes it easy to become a recognized author!

You are a busy doctor, lawyer, business professional or entrepreneur. We understand that the last thing you have time for is writing a book, which is why we will do it for you! We have experienced authors who will work with you to create an interesting, information-packed book, which will be sure to help you obtain more clients.  

  • Having a book or free special guide offer on your site will differentiate you from your competitors. It will show that you have a firm grasp on your area of practice and that you take the time to give legal advice to people in their time of need.  
  • Think of your book as hyper-targeted marketing. The people who request your free offer have already found your site and decided to order your book. Now, it's in their homes and on their minds. In a way, it's better than a billboard or a PPC ad. It's something tangible to remind them of your firm in their time of need.
  • Offering a book on your website can help you to:
     - Build credibility, authority, and trust. 
     - Bring in more targeted traffic and potential clients.
     - Gather contact information and follow up with your audience.
     - Prepare your potential clients for their first meeting with you. 
     - Debunk common myths and ease your potential clients’ fears. 
  • With your book in hand, people will be more likely to call you instead of your competitor. This is because, like all things in advertising and marketing, your goal is to stay in front of potential patients.
  • One of the benefits of writing a book is that, when it's published, you are seen as an authority on a subject. If the book is buzz worthy, it can get you attention from local press.
  • Having your own book allows you to:
     - Build credibility
     - Create the perception that you are an expert and celebrity 
     - Differentiate yourself from your competitors
     - Educate your clients
     - Gain recognition as an author
     - AND last—but definitely not least—convert more prospects into clients

See What Our Clients Say

About our Great Services Making them Authors & Helping Them to Be Seen

Jeremy Downing

The Successful Trader

"Kytka helped me organize the structure of my book which greatly accelerated the writing time. She helped me to structure the content for my audience, gave me advice on writing lead generating text into the book and educated me on how to use the book to drive leads to my website and online products. I can now forever call myself a #1 bestselling author."
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David Twiggs

Destination Community

"Kytka was instrumental in getting my book to market. She took me from having a disorganized and unconsolidated manuscript to a best seller in a professional and timely manner. I recommend contacting Kytka as soon as you have the first idea of writing your book. I’ll definitely be talking her up in my circles."
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Nancy Addison

Celebrity Chef & Nutritionist

"She is a fantastic book editor, publisher, business consultant, etc. I can't say enough about how wonderful it is to work with her. She has a keen understanding about the workings of the publishing industry. Her ability to work with a client - where they are and want to be- is unique and rewarding. I highly recommend Kytka to anyone who would like to publish."
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Bobby Haney

Baseball Personality

"Being an author is one thing, I never thought I would be an author throughout all these years, but being a bestselling author, thanks to Kytka, is a huge deal. It gets your name out there. People notice that the bestselling sticker is on your book cover. Then they want you here, they want you there. They want you to do speaking engagements all over the country."
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Adriana Mirage


"I was referred by someone who also had great results with her and she basically saved my life in regards to this project. She helped me from the beginning as a ghostwriter and a promoter. She put my information into a format that would get results. She has the formula. She takes your ideas, getting all the information she can, and she works with you until she gets the shape that you are looking for.All you can expect from her are results. I highly recommend her." 
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Anil Gupta

Immediate Happiness

"I have the greatest pleasure in recommending Kytka for her professional work in getting my book written, published and to the top of Amazon rated #1 Best Seller and #1 Top Rated. I have had many bad experiences from others in the past but she stepped in and gently, honestly and successfully guided me and over delivered and exceeded my expectations. Be careful who you work with - Kytka is the real deal with a proven track record."
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