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We are a little different then most when it comes to submission guidelines. First of all, we work with people through all stages of the process, so you may not even have a book to submit. Perhaps you are just thinking about writing a book to boost your business. We’ve done that before and our team of ghostwriters know just how to go about making that a reality for you.

Or you have a completed manuscript and you’re not sure which route to go, self-publishing, vanity publishing, on-demand publishing, traditional publishing, or tracking down the best literary agent.  We understand that there are many questions and sometimes you just need a few answers. We do that too!

Perhaps you just need help with distribution or deciding which is the best way to publish – be it eBook, paperback or a full-on coffee table hardcover keepsake, we can help.

Start to finish, from idea/concept to a book in your hands, we have done it all. We can take on the whole enchilada or assist you with the technical details you may not understand. It’s our goal to work with you to ensure a quality end result.

Check out our FAQs or email us at Additionally, you may mail a copy of your book to:

Distinct Press
Attn: Submissions
6822  22nd Avenue N., suite 345
St. Petersburg, FL 33710-3918

We love to hear from authors, so don’t hesitate to call with questions: 727-238-7884.

Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to Distinct Press.

We look forward to reviewing your submission.