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Kytka helped me organize the structure and form of my book which greatly accelerated the writing time. She helped me structure the content for my audience. Writing a book is a very solitary process and having someone to balance ideas and look at them from a reader’s perspective was really useful for me and that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Kytka also gave me advice on how to write lead generating text into the book and educated me on how to use the book to drive leads to my website and online products. She and her team then designed the book information pages, arranged for our ISBN numbers and the barcode, professionally formatted the interior and designed the cover of both the paperback and the Kindle versions. Then she optimized the pages at Amazon, taught me how to maximize my author page at Amazon, selected the best categories where to feature the book and created a campaign that made my book a #1 bestseller in several categories. In fact, I can now forever call myself a #1 bestselling author. So it’s not just a book service, she understands the entrepreneurial industry very well and she uses a wide range of tools to help authors get status, authority and credibility. She’s been very open with sharing information and coaching – there’s the potential to add a substantial value to my business. Kytka works with you one to one, and that’s what she does with everybody so you get personal attention and I would recommend her services very happily.

Jeremy Downing | The Successful Trader | #1 International Bestselling Author & Speaker

I have the greatest pleasure in recommending Kytka and Distinct Press for their professional work in getting my book written, published and to the top of Amazon rated #1 Best Seller and #1 Top Rated. I have had many bad experiences from others in the past but Kytka and her team stepped in and gently, honestly and successfully guided and over delivered. Be careful who you work with – Distinct Press is the real deal with a proven track record.

Anil Gupta | Immediate Happiness | #1 International Bestselling Author & Speaker

The time is now to make your ‘mess’ your message; to turn your passion into profits and to make work synonymous with fun and freedom-and Kytka at Distinct Press shows you how.

Farhana Dhalla | Thank You for Leaving Me | #1 International Bestselling Author

Distinct Press were instrumental in getting my book to market. They took me from having a disorganized and unconsolidated manuscript to a best seller in a professional and timely manner. I recommend contacting Distinct Press as soon as you have the first idea of writing your book.

David Twiggs | Destination Community | #1 Bestselling Author & Speaker

Kytka at Distinct Press is a fantastic book editor, publisher, business consultant, etc. I can’t say enough about how wonderful it is to work with her and her team. They have a keen understanding about the workings of the publishing industry. Their ability to work with a client – where they are and want to be – is unique and rewarding. I highly recommend Kytka and Distinct Press to anyone who would like to publish.

Nancy Addison | Organic Healthy Lifestyle | 4-Time #1 International Bestselling & Award Winning Author 

Being an author is one thing, but being a bestselling author – thanks to Kytka – is a huge deal. It gets your name out there more. People see that you’re a bestselling author and they want you to do speaking gigs all over the country and it’s become a real honor and privilege for me. But the bestselling status is not all that Kytka and Distinct press have to offer. She and her team mentored me, coached me throughout all kinds of situations throughout my writing and planning out my engagement and where to go, who to speak to, what content to share on my website (which Distinct Press also built), how to blog and do social media. She’s a great mentor and definitely a good person to look up to. Kytka has been a huge influence in my life and I recommend her and her team at Distinct Press highly.

Bobby Haney | From Kings Park to Omaha | #1 Bestselling Author and Speaker & Professional Baseball Player

Thanks to Kytka for guiding me through the process of creating my book. Thanks to Zack for working in the trenches with me tirelessly day after day. For designing all the illustrations and your great insight on the coaching program, social media, and marketing. This book would not be possible without you.

Jerod Zavistoski | Methodology of the Modern Male | #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker & Radio Talk Show Host

I have been in the personal development, branding and marketing industry for 25+ years. Kytka and her amazing team at Distinct Press are beyond wise and talented when it comes to writing, branding, marketing and expert creativity. They have added tremendous value to several of my projects and I would consider their talent far above most in the development of personal wealth and success industry.

Gary King | The Happiness Formula | #1 Bestselling Author & International Speaker

I have had the incredible pleasure of knowing and experiencing the beautiful spirit, joy, and passion of Kytka Hilmar-Jezek of Distinct Press. She is the embodiment and shining example of inspiration. She is gracious and kind-hearted, and spreads her wisdom effortlessly from the inside-out! Kytka will absolutely touch your life just as she has touched my own! I would encourage anyone to take the opportunity to work with Kytka in any capacity. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk! It’s rare that I can sincerely say that about very many people. But, Kytka is a gem. She is a blessing in my life, and I assure you that he will be a blessing in yours!

Cary Murphy | Create Change Now | #1 Bestselling Author & Award Winning Host

Most people don’t seem to sufficiently appreciate the authority that writing your own book delivers, or the exponential leverage that branding adds to your results. Those who do, often give up on the idea of writing a book, because it seems like such a monumental task! Kytka, skillfully steers you through these processes, making it not only painless, but actually fun write a book and build your brand.

Willie Crawford | The Master Blueprint To Internet Marketing Success | Bestselling Author & International Speaker

I have known Kytka of Distinct Press for many years, and I am a solid believer in her quest to get everyone who wants to be known to write and publish a book as soon as possible. It is a strategy that has worked well for me, and I encourage everyone to connect with Kytka and develop a plan to get your message out there. She is the rare combination of business and creative talents; meaning, she knows how to tell your story and just as important how to sell it. If you want to get your message out there, I strongly recommend connecting with Kytka at Distinct Press.

Dan Sherman | Maximum Success with LinkedIn | Bestselling Author & Speaker

Kytka at Distinct Press was an amazing professional when dealing with my book edition and publishing. She broke the process down into understandable pieces and made it much easier for my goal to be achieved. I am very grateful for her support throughout the process and recommend her to anyone who is looking for an experienced publisher and bestselling book producer.

Adriana Mirage | Wake Up! The World Is Calling | # 1 International Bestselling Author

Having a book is your ticket to creating more powerful expert status, authority and positive branding. It’s something most people think are beyond them. It’s not. Book Power bestselling author and founder of Distinct Press Kytka, provides not only the strategic thought process of the WHY’s, but also many of the nuts and bolts to get it done now instead of putting it off. You can turn writing your own book into a game worth winning.

Yanik Silver | The Maverick Entrepreneur | #1 International Bestselling Author & Well-known Digital Expert

To Kytka, at Distinct Press. Without your faith in my vision, this book may have never happened. Thank you for your direction and guidance throughout this process. You are a master of your craft with an ability to see hidden potential. I speak comfortably in my voice now and stand confidently that I know it is mine. Thank you for this opportunity. I have a feeling that this is just the beginning.

Mary Todd | eMolecule | #1 Bestselling Author

Most of us walk around thinking “I should write a book” and “I have all of the info in my head” but too few actually sit down and get the task done. If you are one of these people, then hiring Kytka and her team at Distinct Press is exactly what you need. Kytka’s strength lies not only in her ability to pull the content out of you but in her tenacity in getting you to commit and get it done. In my case, she came to my office twice, each time for a full day. We discussed what I wanted the book to say and how I wanted to position myself through the book. Based on that she started to ask me questions and she recorded the entire sessions. Numerous times she asked me about the background of something specific or how something worked, to explain it better for a reader or someone who knew nothing about me.

Soon after our meeting she had shared the transcribed content and she re-arranged and re-wrote it in a way that would be better for the reader. I then made the changes and adjustments I wanted to make. I also found notes on the thirteen steps I wanted to incorporate and I shared them with her and they were incorporated. Within a couple of weeks, my book was done.

If it was not for Kytka, I would most likely still be walking around with the idea of my book in my head. My book has remained in the top 20 on Amazon since she published it in August of 2014. Now people interested in my or my business understand the story and background behind me and I don’t have to answer all of those questions over and over again. It feels good to share how I got started and what I believe can get anyone started on their way to success.

If you want to get your book done with as little pain and effort on your part, then call Kytka. Your information does not help anyone if it is trapped inside of you and she is the perfect person to get it out of your head and into a book that helps with your branding, positioning, authority, credibility and so much more. Besides, she’s a cool lady, a great mom and an awesome person to hang out with for a few days!

Bryan Zimmerman | This Is What Success Looks Like | #1 International Bestselling Author & Founder of JVZoo

When I began writing my book, Kytka at Distinct Press was the first person who came to mind to learn more about publishing. I’ve worked with Kytka and her team in multiple groups and on several projects. She is notorious for being the most action oriented person in the room, and doesn’t let you get caught up in your own BS. If you want to get your book done and published, then Kytka at Distinct press is the person to go with.

Stephen Hnilica | Storyteller | Digital Marketing

Kytka of Distinct Press is a very rare person in today’s busy world. She listens with intent and she is willing to get involved up to her elbows to help you prosper in any way. The best way to describe her is simply to say, Kytka cares… Surround yourself with people like Kytka and her team at Distinct Press and you will rise above all you fear.

Lawrence ‘Stoney’ Stone | Live Now! Imagine The Possibilities | Author & Keynote Speaker

Distinct Press’ Kytka Hilmar-Jezek is an extraordinary, caring, authentic and powerful woman who will deliver more than you expect. You can count on her to come through when needed and her wealth of experience will be a huge asset in your publishing. I look forward to working with her and her team again soon.

Louis Lautman | Young Entrepreneurs Society | Bestselling Speaker

Kytka at Distinct Press is a heart-centred, inspiring and multi-talented woman. Everything she takes on, she does so with her whole heart and holds nothing back. She shares authentically and leads with grace, showing you the way to new possibilities for you and your world. She gives advice and a down-to-earth perspective on how to achieve what seems to be insurmountable tasks. Her nonsense approach, helps you see clearly how the only thing really standing in your way is you.

Jennifer Lyall | Live Healthy | Connect to U

There is no question in my mind, that Kytka’s insights around excellence, execution and sound expert positioning guidance are right on the money. She is a true professional and provides a roadmap to performance breakthroughs for individuals and organizations. Her seminars and speaking events “ROCK” and I can’t recommend her enough. Kytka has an amazing mind; she is incredibly skilled and is an extremely, extremely great thinker. She has a genuine passion to help people achieve freedom in their business and quality of life through her guidance and resources.

Ricky Rainbolt | Mega Brander | Entrepreneur & Investor

Kytka of Distinct Press is an absolute pleasure to work with and be around in general. Her knowledge and expertise are second to none. Even though she an I work in a very similar and increasingly competitive arena we have been able to develop a complementary working relationship. What Kytka brings to the table are resources. She is one of my most valuable resources. Things change so fast and it is imperative to have someone of value to consult with. Meet, network, and start picking her brain!

Joe Malinowski | Marketing Strategist

Kytka’s years of experience combined with her honesty and integrity make her a joy to work with and you feel secure knowing that she will do the job right. My business interactions with her have always exceeded expectation and I highly recommend her to any business owner or entrepreneur looking to develop a book.

Jenna Waites | Business Operations Improvement Consultant

If you’re looking for web presence and book set up then look no further, Kytka at Distinct Press is very good at what she does.

Bruce Anderson | Reputation Defense Online | Cyber Investigator

Kytka is an amazing publisher, speaker, and bestselling author who is dedicated to the success of her clients. She is an expert focusing on both the teachings and principles of mastering positioning through publishing. These principles provide each person the resources to position themselves as an expert in their respective field. I have experienced first hand the quality training, systems, and successes of her apprentices as students, as Kytka provides the tools necessary for clear focus and rapid growth. This individual attention is all too often missing from the majority of speakers and the marketplace. Those who have the incredible opportunity to work with Kytka, will see both their life and business grow with quality and abundance.

Justin Fishman | Licensed Real Estate Sales Professional | Investment Consultant

Kytka of Distinct Press is a Renaissance woman who has a diverse and complex skill set of creative marketing, writing, speaking, and training to serve her clients! I’ve been fortunate to work with her and I have attended one of her sold out training sessions which was purely content driven. She always delivers much more than expected! Catch this rising star if you can…the sky has no limits for her talent and vision to serve her clients, community, family and friends.

Lore Raymond | Women As Visionaries | Author & Motivational Speaker

Kytka Jezek, CEO of Distinct Press, is an influential speaker offering great content during her workshops addressing the ends of small businesses and entrepreneurs. What’s special about Kytka is that she connects with people, inspiring them to be the best they can be while creating passive income streams for themselves. She is an expert at creating information products easily and helping people shine, monetizing their uniqueness through publication. If you want a sure fire way to learn how to turn what you love into a living, hire Kytka at Distinct Press.

Vicki Apple | Pathways to Prosperity | Author & Speaker

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