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“As Founding Executive Publisher at Distinct Press, I am delighted to be working on an initiative to encourage Czech and Slovak authors to send me their unpublished works of either fiction and nonfiction.” – Kytka Hilmar-Jezek

This year, Distinct Press has crossed the threshold of publishing 100 books and in the coming year, our goal is to publish at least 25 authors of Czech and Slovak descent.

This special initiative will provide unpublished writers with a golden opportunity to have their work seen by a figure in the literary world. The work we are looking for should be in English only. Distinct Press does not publish books in the Czech language at this time. However, we do realize that English may not be your first language and you may fear your manuscript has grammatical or spelling errors. Do not worry, our editors are experienced in cleaning up those kinds of mistakes.

Authors are invited to submit a synopsis of their work, which will then be read by Kytka. Submissions will be open for all books in all genres.

We are looking for originality, strong characters, emotional impact and compellingly readable books for readers of all ages. Please note that we have editors, proofreaders, cover and interior designers and writing coaches on staff, so do not be discouraged if you think you don’t have a ready manuscript.

Kytka Hilmar-Jezek was born in Prague. She arrived with her parents in 1968 when she was only four years old.

We know you have a powerful story to share.

Distinct Press has plans to move into an addition of full-color, coffee table style books this year, so if you have art, photography or cookbooks, then we’d also like to see your work. It’s possible that we will assist you with having those books published as well.

Kytka says, ‘It takes a lot of energy and courage to finish a book and authors must find the process of getting published daunting. Distinct Press is very positive about talking directly with authors and we hope that our Open Submissions for Czech and Slovak Initiative will help us build bridges with the writing community and lead to some exciting books being published.’

The books do not necessarily have to be about a Czech adventure (immigration stories) or repression (life under Communist rule) or even as living in a new country. This initiative exists because we want to allow more Czechs and Slovaks to have the opportunity to have their work published.

Until now, Distinct Press has focused an all genres, including fiction, nonfiction, contemporary and classic. This new initiative is part of building and extending the Czech and Slovak authors list, and the open submission initiative is one innovative way we hope to reach out to and discover up-and-coming writers.

The submission period is open immediately and will continue through the end of December 2016.

Submissions or letters of interest should be sent to with the subject line ‘Open Submissions for Czech and Slovak Initiative’.

We look forward to your submissions.

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