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There are many excellent reasons to take the time to write and publish a book. Having authored a book gives you instant credibility as an expert and that immediately sets you apart from everyone else in your field. It helps to fill your pipeline with perfect clients and gives you a reason to raise your rates. Publishing a book, and having one in your marketing toolkit is smart because now you also have the perfect giveaway and a strategic client gift.

But those are not the only reasons. Publishing a book has many other benefits and perks, and below are a few to keep in mind as you decide to get your book written in between everything else on your to-do list:

Book readers tend to be better clients.

Even though you will probably not get rich selling a $15 book, the people who do take the time to read your book will be much more likely to buy your other products or programs and they will spend more money with you overall. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a strategy in place before the writing happens – so you can insert opportunities and possibly create other higher priced programs based on the concepts and ideas in your book. If you have a good back end set up and in place when you publish your book, then having the book is the perfect way to position yourself in front of your ideal client and get them into your sales funnel.

Apple and Kindle Rock!

It may not be so little known anymore, but the reality is with all the options out there with Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble nook and Apple iBookstore (and others), you have even more ways to get your book into your client’s’ hands than ever before. If you write with a strategy in mind, you can also easily position a lead generating opt-in inside of your book and grow your mailing list with pre-qualified prospects. The best way to do this is by offering free resources if they go to a specific page on your website and enter their name and email address to get the gift as a download. Remember that Amazon alone has over 300,000 million registered buyers and with a book you are going to capture leads from people who are truly interested in taking what you teach to a deeper level. This, obviously leads to more sales and clients.

Not just on Google anymore.

Something else you may want to consider. As an author, you have a presence and strong positioning on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and others. This can be more advantageous than showing up on Google. Books rank very high in Google searches and when your prospects search you – they will see you positioned at these sites. They will immediately also understand that you are a serious player in your field. Think about it – if someone is searching for resources on Google, they are probably looking for something free. When they search on Amazon, they are looking for something to buy – which means you are placing yourself in front of buyers, not just lookers.

Audiobooks are another option.

It’s easy to turn your book into an audiobook and this means you will reach yet another segment if your ideal clientele. We’ve helped all of our authors to have an audio version of their book and you will not believe how simple and inexpensive it is.

Now if your client does not read and does not listen to audiobooks, then a book still helps by the sheer fact that you have written a book, and having done so, you are still adding to your credibility and expert status with them.

Bonus – Making a difference in the world.

For many entrepreneurs and small business owners, one of the main reasons you went into business for yourself in the first place was because you wanted to make a difference in the world. What better way to share your message and get your gifts out there helping others than by writing and publishing a book?

Think about your book as your messenger – spreading your message and transforming lives everywhere it goes.

Isn’t that in itself a great reason to finally make the decision to write that book (or get it written for you)?

We think so!

We know how important having a book is and we’re here to help. Make sure to contact us with any questions.