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We got into the publishing business because we love books, periodicals, journals, old magazines and newspapers and every now and again we come across something special.

Today’s special find is called Fairytale.

If you have ever delved into the “Elvis is Alive” world, then this book is a MUST READ.

This is an extremely rare book that we are letting go from our personal archive library collection.

Only 1,000 were ever printed.

This huge novel (755 pages) was the most talked about book for years.


Because the story hits very close to home.

The author is listed as ‘Anonymous’, but some believe him to be Elvis’ personal chauffeur.

Copies have been impossible to find for over 15 years.

Elvis Fairytale book, rare, is elvis alive

The condition of this book is excellent, much better than the others we have seen the few and rare times it has been available.

This barely read copy has been safely kept in a ziplocked bag, in a smoke free home.


Again, this is a very rare and hard to find book which every real Elvis fan MUST READ!

You can read a review and short synopsis of the book here.


And to make your deliver a little bit sweeter, we’ll even include another collector’s item…


A special Valentine’s Day Special Edition vintage chocolate box.

Sorry… no chocolates though. We found the box a few years ago at an estate sale.

Copyright Bringes ans Licht 1985.
Hardback copy in very good condition.

Asking $395 with free shipping in the US.

If you are out of the US, we will send a separate invoice for shipping.

(Note: if you no longer see the “Buy Now” button it means it has been sold.)