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The Risk

THE RISK is the third book in the new series The Billionaire’s Passion Series by billionaire romance author Penelope Grant.

Annie Hoth has never been one to go after the things she wants. She is stuck in a job she doesn’t like, in a city that she hates, and, to top it all off, her boyfriend of five years has run off with a 19 year old model. Her life is, to say the least, not going well. So when her best friend makes her the offer to go on an all expenses paid vacation to a sunny, relaxing resort in Mexico, she simply cannot resist. But after a chance encounter with a mysterious billionaire Annie soon finds herself falling under his command. Intrigued by his dark, sexy, and driven character, Annie finally decides to go after what she wants; and in this case, what she wants happens to be David Martinez.

David Martinez is a powerful CEO from Chicago whose desire to get what he wants has made him the top advertising executive in the city. Reeling from his recent divorce and looking to getaway from a relationship which is no longer serving him, he decides to go to Mexico where his sights become set on Annie, an innocent newscaster from Seattle, Washington. Her shy nature instantly captivates him and her coyness sends him over the edge.

Soon the two of them find each other in a whirl of action, excitement, and insatiable desires. As they try to unravel the chaos that has erupted around them, they find themselves pulled in by more than the tide…





Penelope Grant

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