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Alive and Cooking

Maryann De Leo is an academy award winning documentary filmmaker. Nancy Addison is a nutritionist, chef and author. Together they weave an incredible story about family, health, recipes and growing older more gracefully and with more optimum health. With joy, funny stories, cutting edge health and nutrition information they have information for anyone who wants to feel great and look great as they age.

The first part of the book is about nutrition information and second part of the book is recipes and family favorites shared from their families. The third part of the book is about healing and non toxic body care and home cleaning products.

They end the book is an incredible array of resources for anything they might have mentioned in the book that you might wish to find. It closes with a comprehensive index to help you find certain subjects that they cover. This book is a celebration of love, joy, family and the ability we can have to live it longer and healthier with some easy guides from this book. Celebrate life, eating and fixing food together and Love!




Nancy Addison

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