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50 Essential Tips for The Almost Famous Author

Today we are inundated with information overload. Most people do not have the time to read long books filled with philosophies, processes and anything really, that cuts into their most precious commodity – time. What they are searching for are small yet super powerful soundbites that deliver actionable content and super value. We know you want to know about writing a book, both Kindle and paperback, and to publish it with all of the publishing secrets – but what about making money off that book?

These tips, when you take action on them, will help you make it as an author or speaker. They teach you how to use your book as the best “foot in the door” you can find. Not to mention, they will keep you on track, teach you some really cool secrets and inspire you to get out there and kick some ass! Most authors are writers and not marketers, and yet that is exactly what you have to be to make it in today’s digitally connected world.

This book is really a non-nonsense, in your face, fast and effective way to write kickass books, fast!





Zack Jezek

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