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The Atlantis Secret

The Atlantis Secret is a truly ground-breaking book that offers a revolutionary, but common-sense solution to some of the greatest mysteries of our age. It will be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in the religion, myths, and mysticism of the Greeks, and is essential reading for those who seek true understanding of the mystery of Atlantis.

Ancient man witnessed an extraordinary array of cosmic activity, comets and meteors lighting up the skies, fireballs exploding in the atmosphere, and meteorites plunging to the ground. But what effects did such things have on the human psyche? In this remarkable book, Alan F. Alford explains how the sages of old drew an astonishing conclusion: long ago, they decided, a living planet had exploded and seeded the beginning of all life on earth. This ‘Cataclysm of all cataclysms’ – a forerunner of the modern Big Bang – had been witnessed by no man, and yet it became the cornerstone of the Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations.





Alan F. Alford

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