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CELLOGIRLS: Identity and Transformation In 2CELLOS Fan Culture is at once a celebration of an emerging global culture born from social media connectivity and a commentary on gender performativity and music fandom. The book includes 13 essays written in first-person by active engagement fans who found community within the cross dialogues of 2CELLOS’ social media feeds. They come from North and South America and Europe. Their age difference ranges some 40 years. Collectively, they epitomize fangirls.

The stories of friendship and shared experience amongst the writers are engaging and spirited. The personal interactions of the girls with the musicians who have delivered inspiration and self-esteem to them through their musical talent and their reciprocal respect is both thought-provoking and joyous.

We have only a handful of the actual print books left.





Luka Šulic, Stjepan Hauser, Dušan Kranjc, Molly Segers

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