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Having a book, especially a bestseller, immediately gives you CREDIBILITY and positions you as the leader or expert in your niche.


Most best selling books nowadays are put out by people who are involved in running and operating SUCCESSFUL businesses. They are speakers, trainers, coaches, healers and entrepreneurs. Having a strategically written bestseller positions you in a way that is compelling and will arouse interest in your targeted niche. New interest always means new leads and because you are now an author, you can up your fees to match your new found status.


A Bestselling author is immediately positioned as a person who has authority on their specific subject. After all, they wrote the book on it. When you have this authority, you begin to get MEDIA ATTENTION. Radio and television programs are always seeking to speak to people who are considered authorities on specific subjects. This will also expose you to new potential clients and customers. Radio and television are usually very expensive places to advertise your service or product, but when you become the authority on a subject, they are chasing you to fill their air time.


Just like with gaining that expert status and authority, your credibility level rises. The added exposure you will gain from radio and television will lead to more media OPPORTUNITY. In addition, speaking opportunities may open to you and before you know it, you will have built a great deal of credibility in your niche. Do you think that this will add to your bottom line? You bet it will, because you are now positioned at the go-to person.


In the world we are living in today, even presidents and government recognize the need of utilizing social media platforms. The world we live in today revolves around social media. Having A BESTSELLING BOOK is a popular subject on social media. When you are featured in the media, it is news. Each of these milestones need to be shared and discussed, and the more people are sharing your powerful message or solutions to common problems, the more people will know about you. Strategically, you should incorporate different social media platforms to spread the word about your book and keep the momentum going.


A successful marketing plan around a book, especially a bestseller will find its way to the top of search engines such as Google. If you are being talked about in traditional media, in social media and your book is on Amazon, the world sees you as a PUBLISHED AUTHOR and that makes you a credible authority and expert. Now when people Google your name, they will see that they are dealing with the real deal. A book is a great way to position yourself high up on search engines so you can be found by those searching for you and they will see you in your best light.


Most people will use the excuse “I am not a writer” and miss out on this amazing opportunity. If this is you, I challenge you to consider hiring a ghostwriter or someone else to write it for you. There are do it yourself writers programs online and people who will write a COMPLETE BOOK for you. There are also numerous ways of collecting content, like recording yourself and then having those recordings transcribed and then passing it to an editor to clean your content. There is also the “let me write a check and you write my book” process. The point is, don’t let the excuse of not being a writer stop you from getting a book done.


Attaining that coveted BESTSELLER STATUES on Amazon is something that is planned and engineered. If you have never heard of this, we’ll gladly discuss it with you. Or, you can create a book launch campaign that will send so many people to your book on a specific day that a bestseller will happen for you too. No matter how you go about it, getting bestseller status is something you want to achieve for your book. The benefits of publishing are many, and above I have only shared a few. I have not even mentioned that a book is a source of recurring income. Even if your book makes $100 a month on Amazon alone, imagine that extra $1200 at the end of the year, or $12,000 at the end of ten years. A book is work that you do (or pay someone else to do) one time, and yet the benefits last forever. You position in the marketplace immediately shifts and this brings new pre-qualified leads and customers to your door.

Doors to NEW OPPORTUNITIES also open as you may get invited to speak or present on the subject you discuss in your book. If you are strategic about it, you can also use your book to build your social media fan base. Some authors have even seen the need to create specific products around the subject of their book, and of course, this has also created an additional and recurring revenue stream for them.

There are hundreds of reasons to write and publish your book, and work to make it a bestseller. But perhaps the coolest is this…

Imagine forever being able to tell your friends, family, and all new clients that you meet, the following magic words…

“I am a bestselling author”.

Take some time to do some research and feel free to reach out with any comments or questions you may have by sending an email to sayhi@distinctpress.com.

Just remember, a book is the BEST MARKETING STRATEGY that exists in the marketplace today.